There is currently no working beta version (public or otherwise).

The following files are currently available for free download: CD-i Emulator version 0.5.3-beta2 executable (Limited edition, no longer working as of 2012/01/01) CD-i Emulator version 0.5.3-beta1 executable (Limited edition, no longer working as of 2011/01/01) CD-i Types rule file version 0.5.3-cdi180 (adds CD-i 180 recognition) CD-i Emulator version 0.5.2 (Limited edition) CD-i Types rule file version 0.5.3 (included with CD-i Emulator 0.5.2) CD-i Link 0.5.2 executable and documentation CD-i Stub programs (including sources and CD-i Link 0.5.1 executable) CD-i Stub disc image for use on CD-i players without download protocol CD-i File Extractor executable and documentation

The cdilink and cdistub files are also available from the ICDIA website.

Note: All beta releases of CD-i Emulator 0.5.3 will function as an unlimited edition when you have activated an unlimited edition version 0.5.2 on your machine.

Note: All beta releases have built-in date limits and will not work after those limits; a "You have exceeded the evaluation time limit" message will be displayed immediately after starting emulation.

If you have paid and received a download login and password, your downloads can be found in the Protected Downloads section.