CD-i File

The purpose of the CD-i File Extractor program (cdifile) is to extract data from CD-i files.

With the current version of cdifile you can extract the following from any CD-i disc image file that is supported by CD-i Emulator: CD-i Emulator supports "raw disc image" file formats with sector sizes of 2448, 2352, 2340, 2336 and 2332 bytes, with or without two-second pregap and/or scrambling. This should cover all the "raw disc image" file formats out there. In particular, the Nero (.nrg) file format for track-at-once images is supported, as well as the IsoBuster (.bin) and CloneCD (.img) files. Beta versions of CD-i Emulator also support MAME/MESS compressed hunk data (.chd) files; cdifile also supports such files and can be used to extract data from them.

A future version of cdifile will allow the extraction of files from a disc image and the extraction of data, audio and video (with format conversions) from real-time files and CD-i IFF files; it will also support an interactive mode to browse disc images and real-time files.

The following cdifile-related files are available from the Downloads section of this site: CD-i File Extractor 0.5.1 executable and documentation