Contact information

There are several ways to contact me and/or receive support for CD-i Emulator by volunteers.

Discord server

At the present time, questions about CD-i Emulator are most quickly answered in the #emulation subforum of the Philips CD-i Community Discord server. I am known there as CD-i Fan (cdifan).

CDinteractive forum

In the past, questions about about CD-i Emulator were best posted to the CD-i Emulator Support Forum hosted by the CDinteractive website, but that site has gone mostly inactive. I am however still a member there using the nickname cdifan and will eventually answer support questions.

Note: New forum accounts must be manually approved by an administrator due to past problems with spam accounts. It is best to first create the account and then send an email to me or cdint (dot) admin (at) gmail (dot) com.

GitHub issue tracker

There is also a GitHub issue tracker available at The cdiemu repository does not current have any sources but it will eventually.

CD-i Bits blog

Information about the development of CD-i Emulator and related software can also be found on my blog CD-i Bits. The frequency of new posts varies widely.


You can reach me via email using cdifan (at) gmail (dot) com.

Comments about the site should be sent via email to webmaster (at) cdiemu (dot) org.