Erroneous' CDI 180/20 181/20 182/00 set

Below is a collection of pictures from the CD-i 180 set of forum member Erroneous in various states of dismantlement and after a bit of and surgery. These pictures were taken during his visit in September, 2011.

The full set with a CD-i 180 Mouse and CD-i 180 Remote Control attached.

More detailed front view (stacking order is 180, 181, 182 from top to bottom).

More detailed back view with SCSI extension card visible.

CDI 180/20 unit

Birds-eye view with cover removed.

Note the newer-looking sub-board!

External interface board.

CDI 181/20 MMC unit

Top view with cover removed.

Detail view of back right quadrant.

Detail view of back left quadrant.

Detail view of front right quadrant.

Detail view of front left quadrant.

Angled view of front right side.

Angled view of back right side.

Note the replacable battery.

CDI 182/00 Extension unit

Birds eye view with cover removed.

Close-up of the 220V power supply.

Extension board with serial and parallel port.

Left detail view.

Right detail view with parallel port.

SCSI extension board

Top view; note the very right LSI circuit!

Left detail view.

Right detail view.

Memory extension board

Top view.

Top detail view.

Bottom detail view.


Stacked with my own set before surgery.

After interconnection bus surgery to add serial connector.

Closeup of surgery performed by Erroneous.