Knowlogy K2000-MSS

Below is a collection of pictures from the following item:

DVCon-board IMPEG

At the bottom of this page is a list of main board component markings.

Freshly unpacked.

Front side view.

Front side left detail.

Front side right detail.

Back side view.

Back side label.

Remote control.

Top side view with top cover removed.

Power supply board in case.

Power supply output with voltages.

Main board in case.

Main board top left quadrant.

Main board bottom left quadrant.

Main board top right quadrant.

Main board bottom right quadrant.

Empty case.

Main board component side.

Main board backside.

Power supply component side.

Power supply backside.

CD drive unit top side.

CD drive unit bottom side.

CD tray front bezel.

List of main board component markings