You can download a free time-limited edition of the CD-i Emulator program from the Downloads section, but I ask a modest payment for the unlimited edition.

Reasons to pay

I have put a considerable amount of spare time into this project; version 0.5.3-beta2 of the CD-i Emulator program contains over 100,000 lines of C++ code that I wrote from scratch in my private time. I therefore consider it reasonable to ask for a small compensation.

It will also motivate me to keep working on this project and answer any support questions you may have.

What you get

After receiving the payment, you will receive a login and password to download an unlimited edition executable. You are not allowed to pass on this information or the unlimited executable. I may occasionally change the password, but you can always get it again (for the program version that you paid for).

Compatibility and other minor updates will be free, for major updates you will get a discount. The DV cartridge update will probably be a major update. At some point I may do a CD-ROM distribution of the program with some additional perks; existing customers will then also get a discount.


After downloading the unlimited edition executable, you will need to perform a simple one-time activation procedure. No information about your PC or yourself is transmitted to me or anyone else by this procedure.

How to pay

At the moment I can only receive payments via PayPal. Credit card payments are accepted.

What to pay

An unlimited edition executable of version 0.5.2 will cost you 25 Euros (a little under 30 US Dollars as of May, 2018).

Send payment

You can also directly go to the website and pay EUR 25,00 to the payment (at) cdiemu (dot) org e-mail address.

Please include the e-mail address on which you wish to receive the download login and password and allow a few days for me to reply.


If you have questions or comments about the payment procedure, please send them to payment (at) cdiemu (dot) org.