Title Support

Version 0.5.3-beta2 of the CD-i Emulator program does not yet support all CD-i titles on all CD-i players.

The table below shows the known support levels of a few titles with an early beta test version. Many more titles have been tested and newer versions of CD-i Emulator have better compatibility.

You can enter compatibility reports in the Report section; the information you enter will some day be processed into the tables below.

The table needs updating to the latest version of CD-i Emulator.

TitleProducer and YearReporterVersionNotes
Escape from CybercityFathom Pictures, 1992cdifan0.5.1-betaHangs on startup
Link: The Faces of Evil (NL)Animation Magic, 1993cdifan0.5.1-beta-
LemmingsDMA Design, 1993cdifan0.5.1-betaHangs on startup
Alien GateSPC Vision, 1993cdifan0.5.1-beta-
Steel MachineSPC Vision, 1993cdifan0.5.1-beta-
Space AceSuperclub-ICDI, 1993cdifan0.5.1-betaNeeds DVC
The 7th GuestVirgin, 1993cdifan0.5.1-betaNeeds DVC
Hotel MarioPhilips Fantasy Factory, 1994cdifan0.5.1-betaHangs in main menu
Dragon's Lair I/IISuperclub-ICDI, 1994cdifan0.5.1-betaNeeds DVC
Burn:CycleTripmedia, 1994cdifan0.5.1-betaHangs on startup
Dimo's QuestVision Factory, 1994cdifan0.5.1-beta-
The ApprenticeVision Factory, 1994cdifan0.5.1-betaNeeds DVC for sound effects
Micro MachinesCodemasters, 1995cdifan0.5.1-betaHangs in main menu
Pac-PanicPhilips Media, 1995cdifan0.5.1-betaUnplayable with mouse
Golden Oldies 1+2Vision Factory, 1996cdifan0.5.1-betaBlockbuster fails; rest works fine
Lucky LukeVision Factory/Pixelhazard, 1996cdifan0.5.1-betaNeeds DVC
CD Shoot?TerraTron0.5.1-betaCrashes (910)
CD-Online Internet Browser?TerraTron0.5.1-betaDoes not start (910)
Christmas Country?TerraTron0.5.1-betaNeeds DVC
Flintstones-Jetsons Timewarp?TerraTron0.5.1-betaHangs on click (910)
Hounted House?TerraTron0.5.1-betaVideo hangs at bumper (910)
International Tennis Open?TerraTron0.5.1-betaDoes not start (910)
Jigsaw?TerraTron0.5.1-betaVideo remains black (910)
Mediamogul 2.1?TerraTron0.5.1-betaResets emu (910)
P.A.W.S?TerraTron0.5.1-betaReset emu (910)
Peanuts?TerraTron0.5.1-betaNot flawless (910)
Pyramid Adventures Episode 1 ?TerraTron0.5.1-betaHard with mouse
Rise of the Robots?TerraTron0.5.1-betaCrash after bumper (910)
Striker Pro?TerraTron0.5.1-betaHard with mouse
Ultra CDi Soccer?TerraTron0.5.1-betaNeeds DVC
Video Speedway?TerraTron0.5.1-betaHard with mouse
Xmass Karaoke?TerraTron0.5.1-betaVideo remains black (910)
Zelda's Adventure?TerraTron0.5.1-betaDoes not start (910)
Zenith?Bas0.5.1-betaWhite backgrounds? (910)
Myst?Bas0.5.1-betaMenu does not appear (910)
Frog FeastCharles Doty, 2005cdoty0.5.1-betaIn development using cdiemu (605)

Color legend:
greenFull support (title plays correctly)
dark greenSubstantial support (title plays with minor glitches)
yellowSilent support (title plays without some sound/music)
orangeBasic support (title starts but has problems)
redNo support (title does not start)
grayNeeds DVC (not supported yet)

Please report your experiences if they differ from the above table!