CD-i Link

The CD-i Link program (cdilink) communicates with a CD-i player over a serial connection. The communication uses the "stub" protocol; a specification is provided with the cdistub distribution.

The primary purpose of cdilink is to upload the system ROMs from a CD-i player to a PC for use with the CD-i emulator, but you can also upload or download other files and display information about the CD-i player. This allows you to inspect and modify the contents of the player NVRAM (e.g., highscore files) and to inspect the contents of CD-i discs.

The CD-i system ROM files are copyrighted and cannot be freely redistributed. Using the ROM files for emulation purposes should be allowed as long as you own the CD-i player that the ROM files were originally obtained from.

To use cdilink with your CD-i player you need a so-called CD-i nullmodem cable. Such a cable used to come with the CD-Interlink disc but you can easily make one yourself or perhaps borrow one from a fellow CD-i fan. You can also buy one from the CD-i Store. Specifications of the cable are provided with the distribution.

In some cases you need to use an actual CD-i disc containing the cdi_stub program. A disc image file is available. More information is provided with the distribution.

It has been reported that the burned CD-i disc does not work on some players. A new version of cdi_stub is in the works that should fix this; please check back later.

The following cdilink-related files are available from the Downloads section of this site: CD-i Link 0.5.2 executable and documentation CD-i Stub programs (including sources and CD-i Link 0.5.1 executable) CD-i Stub disc image for use on CD-i players without download protocol

These files are also available from the ICDIA website.