CD-i Emulator

The CD-i emulator program (cdiemu) provides a fairly complete emulation of the hardware of an actual physical CD-i player.

You can download a time-limited edition from the Downloads section (Windows only for now). I ask a modest payment for the unlimited edition; see the Payments section for more information.

The time-limited edition emulates for at most three minutes between CD-i player resets and does not support permanent saving of NVRAM data such as game highscores and other CD-i title settings. The unlimited edition does not have these restrictions.

The version 0.5.3 beta releases are essentially limited editions, unless you have already activated an unlimited edition on your machine or you're using a Philips Mono-I player system ROM (200 F1, 210 F1, 220 F2).

In order to actually run CD-i software, the emulator needs copies of the CD-i system ROMs. These ROMs are copyrighted and cannot be freely redistributed, but you can easily obtain them via the serial port of a physical CD-i player using the provided CD-i Link program.

Here are some screen shots of the emulator in action.

CD-i Emulator using CD-i 605/00 ROMs
CD-i Emulator using CD-i 210/40 ROMs
CD-i Emulator running Dimo's Quest
CD-i Emulator running The Apprentice
CD-i Emulator running Burn:Cycle
CD-i Emulator running Lucky Luke
CD-i Emulator running Lemmings
CD-i Emulator running Hotel Mario