CD-i Stub

The CD-i Stub package (cdistub) contains a number of stub programs for various CD-i player environments.

All stub programs implement the "stub" protocol, a means to exchange control and data information between a "stub" program and a "host" program over a serial link. The protocol allows downloading, uploading and remote execution; at present only a limited form of remote debugging is supported.

Most Philips CD-i players support a subset of the "stub" protocol called the download subset, consisting of just the messages needed to download data and/or programs into the player and execute programs or continue the player startup process. This subset can be used to download one of the full "stub" programs.

For CD-i players without a download subset implementation an actual CD-i stub disc has to be used. A disc image of such a disc can be found in the Downloads section; it should work on any CD-i player with a serial port.

The CD-i Link program (cdilink) provides the "host" part of the "stub" protocol; a Windows binary is included in the CD-i Stub package.

Protocol documentation, full Microware assembler sources and build scripts are also included in the package.

The stub programs are licensed under the GNU Library General Public License.

The following cdistub-related files are available from the Downloads section: CD-i Stub programs and sources (includes CD-i Link executable) CD-i Stub disc image