DVC Support

Versions 0.5.3-beta1 and newer of the CD-i Emulator program support proof-of-concept MPEG playing for Gate Array MPEG cartridges but not for the other types. It does however support the 1MB memory extension feature of all models.

With the CD-i Emulator comes a dummy ROM file so that you can use the extra memory even if you don't actually have a DV cartridge ROM. Some titles can use this even without the MPEG playing function (e.g. The Apprentice).

The table below shows the current support levels according to DVC model.

Gate Array AH00 AH01 AH02 AH03
IMPEG /00 /20

Color legend:
greenFull support (allows playing of MPEG)
dark greenProbable full support (untested)
blueProof-of-concept MPEG playing
yellowBasic support (memory extension but no MPEG playing)
orangeProbable basic support (untested)
redNo support (not implemented, untested)

Please report your experiences if they differ from the above table!

More information about DVC models can be found in the 96/05 issue of The Interactive Engineer which contains a table of Philips CD-i player and DV cartridge models/generations with some commentary. An online version can be found at http://www.icdia.co.uk. See also the CD-i Types file cditypes.rul that is included with the CD-i Emulator.