Welcome to the home of the CD-i Emulator program, currently at version 0.5.2 (no working 0.5.3 beta).

See the Release Notes for information about requirements and known limitations of the current version.

This website is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater.

CD-i Emulator using CD-i 605/00 ROMs
CD-i Emulator using CD-i 210/40 ROMs
CD-i Emulator using CD-i 370/00 ROMs (1/2)
CD-i Emulator using CD-i 370/00 ROMs (2/2)

The CD-i Emulator program provides a fairly complete emulation of the hardware of an actual physical CD-i player.

In order to actually run CD-i software, the emulator needs copies of the CD-i system ROMs. These ROMs are copyrighted and cannot be freely redistributed, but you can easily obtain them via the serial port of a physical CD-i player using the provided CD-i Link program.